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About Us

It started with a dream to do something completely new. 

To achieve something creative and extraordinary, to recreate the outlook of combat sports while harnessing our passion from the deepest roots of the various cultures that inspired and shaped our worldview... 

Streetwear, Basketball, Jordans, Hip Hop, and the best of Music & Entertainment…  

Our objective was to create the game's coldest, cleanest, and most stylish fightwear brand.  

Established in Bangkok, Thailand, Primo Fight Wear has quickly become one of the most respected new names in Muay Thai by producing contemporary fight gear with new levels of quality and style.

Our mission is to provide an arsenal that will carry you from the start of your journey to the championship rounds and beyond.

With modern design cues and premium materials, we aspire to create products that bring beauty and diversity to the world of combat sports while honoring and paying homage to the various cultures that inspire us.

This is Team Primo. Follow us on our journey.

Early 2019 

We began brainstorming the concept of Primo FightWear from Shanghai and Hong Kong. This was the time when we were formulating how to pool our resources and networks while doing all the necessary research and development required to launch.

Early 2020 

Kyle had already settled in Thailand to work on Primo. Working with fighters, doing photoshoots, video shoots, factory visits, r&d, brand design, networking with gyms… 

This day-in and day-out work would become an important phase in laying the brand's foundation.  

Jonathan also began to take regular trips to support this foundation laying phase.

June 2020

  • Howard joins Team Primo and begins work on our early stage P&L while taking the lead in our China-based operations.
  • Primo secures its first round of investment.  

July - September 2020 

  • Primo signs “Thanonchai Thanakorn,” one of the Muay Thai fan favorites, known for exciting fights.
  • Primo signs “Panpayak Jitmuangnon” 3x Fighter of the Year, who goes on to wear PRIMO shorts in his ONE Championship match against Superlek Kiatmoo 9. 
  • “Kiewpayak Jitmuangon” Lumpinee Champion fights in Primo Shorts.
  • “Seksan Or Kwanmuang” Rajadamnern Champion fights in Primo Shorts. 
  • Campaign photoshoot begins for the Primo first collection.
  • Video & photoshoot begins for Thanonchai’s comeback.

November 2020 (Brand Launch)

  • Jonathan officially moves to Thailand & the Primo Shopify platform goes live.
  • Our first collections, the “Classic” and “Emblem” Boxing Gloves, alongside the “Azure Dreams” and “Black Panther” Muay Thai shorts, “Muay Daily”, “Team Primo” T-Shirts, & “Night Shade” Tank Top begin to sell.
  • Primo partners with Sor Sommai & New Power group ( owned by the Police Chief & Governor of Bangkok )  to put on Korat Super Fight. All fighters and staff are outfitted in Primo FightWear. 

February - March 2021

  • Primo has begun to develop its ambassador networks to attract more sales, content, & community engagement.
  • Primo begins to launch its China side training content and is the only authentic source of training from Thailand catered to the Chinese audience.
  • The “Genesis” Shorts collection arrives.
  • Primo begins partnership with 6x national champion Sangmanee Sor Tienpo.
  • Sangmanee gym photo/video shoot with “Genesis Collection.”
  • Using crisp, clean, and modern designs with unique, high-quality materials, The “Genesis Collection” becomes an instant hit among the Muay Thai community; the combination of this new collection alongside the partnership with Sangmanee brings widespread recognition of Primo FightWear.
  • Second Khongsittha Shoot with “Genesis Collection” Our team begins experimenting with different formats for ad creatives, and the moving collage begins to perform strongly for sales conversions.

May 2021

  • Primo releases the “Defender X” Boxing Glove series. These gloves are meant to be a stylish and economical alternative to the premium leather “Classic” & “Emblem” glove collections.

  • Primo does a photoshoot with new generation Muay Thai Legend Yodwicha Banchamek, and the list of high profile fighters associated with Primo continues to grow.

  • Primo partners with Muay Thai Iyarin, the new Muay Thai lifestyle group to sponsor their upcoming fight event “Suk Muay Femur” This partnership also brings Muay Thai legend Lerdsila Chumpairtour into the folds of cooperation with Primo.

  • Primo T-Shirts & Defender X Collection shoot at the Ideo Basketball Court.

  • Primo Defender X Collection shoot at Luktupfah Muay Thai Gym.

June 2021

  • Primo is in final negotiations with the EU distributor, KPI is 2000 pairs of gloves within the first year.
  • Australian gym RAMA 1 signs deal with Primo for 10K USD order.
  • Primo gains partnerships with Singapore's second largest Muay Thai Gym. We will supply all their training equipment.
  • Primo partners with the famed WBC Singapore. They will use all of our equipment for future local and televised events.
  • Primo is in discussion with potential distributors in the U.S and Taiwan.
  • Primo hires “Scaling Davids,” a Facebook advertising agency to create new ad campaigns while strengthening sales conversions.
  • Primo begins planning for 2nd stage expansion & fundraising.
  • Primo begins planning & developing a more extensive product line.

July 2021

  • Sponsorship of Muay Suk Femur pay-per-view fight.
  • Sponsorship and partnership with Lerdsila Muay Thai Gym in Shanghai. Lerdsila is one of the sport's top 5 stars. 
  • Sponsorship of WMO Muay Thai fight in Chicago.
  • Started the process of sampling new short SKUs.

August 2021

  • Official partnership with Wat Muay Thai Seminar.
  • Potential retail partnership with Miami’s hottest Muay Thai Gym, Bushido Muay Thai.
  • Rama 1, our partner Gym in Melbourne, Australia, officially begins construction.
  • OCT 17, WMO pay-per-view fight in Chicago, USA.
  • EU distributor signs 1-year contract

What Does The Future Hold For PRIMO?
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