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Shinguards are an integral part of Muay Thai training especially if you are seeking to improve on your sparring and rise on your competitive journey. They protect you from painful collisions while adding some serious style to your overall look.

For beginners, shinguards are essential in protecting your feet and shins, this is when you are still refining your form and technique. It’s important to get a pair of shinguards that resemble your natural bodyweight and balance. That is the best complimentary item for building good habits and the proper muscle memory for each block and strike. It’s generally a good idea to stay away from overly clunky and heavy shinguards which slow you down. This becomes even more important in a sport that emphasizes grace and efficiency. The next step is to wear shinguards while learning how to give and receive each strike properly, do not take your protection for granted. Train your technique to the point where your shinguards begin to feel more and more natural as you gain another level of conditioning and strength in your legs.

For advanced users, a pair of light shinguards is beneficial to helping you achieve cleaner, faster, and smoother exchanges. For professional fighters, your shins should be well conditioned at this point so that you can absorb a good amount of impact with or without having shinguards on. Wearing shinguards at this point becomes optional in certain parts of the training camp. Some camps will do a few rounds of light sparring with no shinguards on to finetune their technique. Doing this also serves to enhance their shin strength and durability. Finally, they may move on to heavy sparring with shinguards to finish off the session.



Or beginners and advanced users alike, Primo shinguards have become one of the hottest shinguards on the market due to their unparalleled comfort and performance and style. For advanced and professional level Muay Thai, MMA, and Kickboxing athletes, every detail matters… And just like our boxing gloves, they really do feel like slipping on a tailored piece of clothing / equipment. By providing a near perfect weight and balance, the slim ergonomic shape also lends to faster kicks and blocks. Advanced users can also pull off special techniques like slipping the kick through an opponent’s defense without being countered. Another great aspect is that they cover the top of the foot while leaving room for the toes to move, this results in an unparalleled degree of freedom and flexibility for an athlete to achieve peak performance in the heat of an exchange.

If you read our previous post about the styles of Muay Thai, you’ll definitely want to have all the right gear to back up your stylistic approach! Overhaul your Muay Thai or combat sports journey by checking out our awesome collections here. If you’re interested in enhancing your Muay Thai training skills with world class instruction from Muay Thai legends, check out Wishing you more power and success.





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