The right pair of boxing gloves can be one of the most significant investments you’ll make in terms of your overall training gear kit. Muay Thai training and sparring employs a wide range of work with your hands including punching, tapping, jamming, catching, parrying, blocking, or even posturing, styling, and feinting. A quality pair of gloves can enhance all the techniques in your arsenal and thus improve your overall training experience. Here are some of the top features to look out for in a great boxing glove.


Leather or Semi Leather?

Boxing purists will swear by leather, leather is traditionally seen as more durable and luxurious, a high-grade leather can also feel more comfortable, and can be softer or harder according to the type of leather used. In recent years, PU leather boxing gloves have become widely used in today’s community. Entry level gloves tend to use low grade PU semi leather which wears out quickly. But there also exists a high-grade segment for PU leather which is also known as microfiber. Microfiber boxing gloves are now a strong competitor to pure leather boxing gloves in terms of durability and shelf life. A big advantage of semi leather boxing gloves is that they tend to be more weather resistant, they are less affected by humidity and will take longer to degrade than a pair of leather boxing gloves when training in tropical climates.


Foam Distribution

The way foam is distributed around the surface area of a boxing glove can make a huge impact on the overall fit, feel, and performance in training. The foam padding should be distributed and concentrated in specific areas such as the knuckles, the thumb, and on the surface areas of the fist. Too much foam in one area can add unnecessary mass, thus resulting in a sluggish and bulky fit, whereas too little foam can result in an inadequate amount of protection and thus lead to injuries in training.

Grip Sensitivity

A great pair of boxing gloves should have a very high level of grip sensitivity. The “grip” is the overall feeling of balling your fist. If should feel natural, compact, with the right amount of support in all areas. You should be able to feel the snug padding on your knuckles, while the thumb should be able to easily bend inwards to close your fist. Finally, the underside of your palm should be supported by a thick grip bar to enhance the feeling of tension as you squeeze your hand and load up for the punch. The quality of your balled fist can make the difference between injuring your hand on a punch or being able to land an effective strike on an opponent’s body.

Protection & Wrist Support         

Aside from protection on the knuckles, padding and support on the wrist is also an important issue. Ample support can help to protect against sprains and kicks on the front side. Whereas a kick bar on the underside of the palm can also dampen the impact against catching a kick. It’s also important that the wrist padding is solid enough but not so thick as to slow down the snapping of the wrist on each punch. Speed in boxing equates to power and you don’t want an overly bulky boxing glove slowing you down when you need it the most! 

Why Are Primo Boxing Gloves So Popular?

We have now mentioned many standards on how a boxing glove should be reviewed. Many cheaper Muay Thai glove brands tend to fall short of these standards as they employ simple OEM mass market manufacturing techniques without truly caring about the details in performance. Primo Fightwear boxing gloves do the exact opposite. All the aforementioned testing standards are continuously being surpassed and redefined by the team at Primo Fightwear. To cut it short, putting on a pair of Primo boxing gloves feels like slipping into a tailored suit. Once you go Primo, it’s very hard to turn back. They are now widely desired and regarded by world champions and high-profile coaches alike.

We hope you enjoyed reading this segment regarding your first boxing gloves puchase. For the best gear to complement your training journey, check out If you’re interested in enhancing your Muay Thai training skills with world class instruction from Muay Thai legends, check out Wishing you more power and success.


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