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News from the Home Capital of Muay Thai #4 - PRIMO Sponsored Korat Superfight - Nov 17, 2020

PRIMO heads into the middle of November with Korat Superfight!

muay thai poster seksan

This fight event on Nov 17th featured superstar Muay Thai fighters such as Seksan Sor Sommai and Lobo Phuket Fight Club!

seksan muay thai fighter

The staff started setting up the arena two days beforehand. Our efforts were well rewarded by the electric atmosphere on fight night!

This Superfight series is one of the few big shows held in Korat every year. It is broadcasted live on Facebook for both local fans and an increasingly international audience.

muay thai fight ring

Among the 10,000 people in attendance were fight fans, gamblers and normal families.

All staff personnel were outfitted in Primo apparel! The fighters shone as well in their matching PRIMO kits, as they brought on some of the bloodiest and most exciting spectacles of the year!

muay thai PRIMO shorts and gloves

Our co-founder Kyle who was in attendance recalls that the most notable moment of the night was when Chocoplan dropped Petchsommai with a clean elbow. It was a clear “underdog” win: nobody expected Chocoplan to beat Petchsommai. As you might know, we at PRIMO love supporting the underdogs!

Here are some more memorable images 👇

PRIMO muay thai fight korat

Wat Charachai (blue) vs Gamchai (red)

muay thai fight

Yodkitsada (red)

muay thai fight

Beug Bahn (blue) vs Dtee Dto (red)

Sponsoring the Korat Superfight was a pivotal moment for us from a branding perspective. It showcased PRIMO as a brand to a wide audience both in Thailand and abroad while making a clear and loud statement as a new rising power in the fight world. Thank you for following and supporting us on this journey!