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News from the Home Capital of Muay Thai #3 - Nov 1-15, 2020

“Muay Khao” fighter Superbon Tded99 (blue corner) beats veteran “Muay Femur” fighter Kaonar PK Saenchai (red corner) on points during the main-event fight at SAT Hero Series Muay Thai.

👉 Watch the fight on Youtube

For this fight, Kaonar gave Superbon one pound. Kaonar weighed in at 136 lbs and Superbon weighed in at 137 lbs. This is often done to counteract a disparity in fight experience between two fighters.

sangmanee muay thai fighter

23-year-old Muay Thai phenom Sangmanee ends his loss streak with a resounding win against decorated fighter Rungkit at the True4U main-event fight! 

👉 Watch the fight on Youtube!

Sangmanee looks much more comfortable fighting at his natural fighting weight of 137 lbs! For this fight, he gave Rungkit one pound.

muay thai betting

Would you bet on yourself? Fun fact: Sangmanee bet 350,000 baht (more than $10,000 USD) on himself for this fight (see screenshot above that he shared on his Facebook page). This, combined with his other fight winnings, earned him more than 850,000 baht!

muay thai boxer prajanchay

Would you switch to another martial art? Due to a lack of 118-126 lbs opponents (willing to oppose him) in the Muay Thai scene in Thailand, fighter Prajanchay PK Saenchai decided to take a boxing fight!

On October 31st, Prajanchay fought in his second-ever professional boxing fight against former world WBC boxing champion Kompayak.

What was the outcome? Prajanchay won the fight, securing himself a second belt in boxing!

👉 You can watch the fight here. 

Muay Thai fighter and PRIMO Model Oh Nontachai from Jitmuangnon Gym fights against experienced foreigner fighter Alex Petchrungruang at Or Tor Kor stadium. 👉 Watch the fight here.

thai fight

Is Thai Fight unfair? The promotion has had a history of creating match-ups skewed in favor of their Thai fighters. 

The November 7th Thai Fight Fight Card was no different, with the majority of the foreigner fighters losing to their Thai opponents.

👉 Watch the fights here. 

yothin superchamp

Thailand versus Brazil! Yothin from FA Group Muay Thai gym in Bangkok and Felype Souza from Phuket Fight Club battle it to a draw for the main event fight on Muay Hardcore on November 14th! 

👉 Watch the full fight here.